Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet Counties Public Service Communications Organization

2001 Old Mackinaw Road


Equipment Sales and Donations

The following equipment has been donated to, or has been taken out of service by, the CCECPSCO and is currently available. If you have any interest in the equipment listed below, please contact the CCECPSCO to discuss one of the following options.

  • Purchase
  • Exchange for other equipment needed by the CCECPSCO
  • Transfer to another qualified Amateur Radio Emergency Services Organization for their use
  • Broker equipment for the CCECPSCO to a third party
  • Donation of other communications related equipment for use by the CCECPSCO

Note that the CCECPSO is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public service organization. Contributions of funds, services, or equipment to the CCECPSCO may therefore be tax deductible.

All equipment listed below is untested and as-is unless stated otherwise.

For information regarding the CCECPSCO, please contact:

1763 Walker Road
East Jordan, Michigan 49727

Phone: Nelson Ogden – 231-536-2959

Quant 2 Power Conversion Prod FE-24-25B 24V 25A Power Supply

Heavy duty 24V at 25A power supply and battery charger. This supply may be strapped for positive, negative, or floating ground. Supply runs of either 110V or 220V AC.